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Birthday Wishes

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BEATS Day afternoon

After a long week of practices and an awesome performance at Finlayson primary school, our teacher allowed us free time when we returned, and just to relax for the rest of the afternoon being the last day of the week and Easter Weekend. She's the coolest!! 👍💓 happy Easter everyone!

Mangere Beats 2021

                                                          Introducing Room 3 2021 All the hard work and practices paid off! During the 2nd lockdown i asked you to practice the dance moves for your morning fitness. when you returned to school we put it together and here we have it. Although beats has been postponed until term 4 we got to perform at finlayson primary school and now onto our high flyers assembly for parents to watch. well done room 3 - student agency in play! awesomeness. 💣💣💥💥  


 Hi Room 3 This is the Weekly timetable for Week 5. Remember to click on the links and it will open up with the task. The Dance Practice - please practice the dance moves so that you have some idea when we put our performance together for Mangere Beats in Week 9. Happy Learning Distance Learning WK5 Timetable